We offer two scrambling courses:

Guided Scrambles
One-day guided ascents of classic scrambles routes can be arranged to help you achieve your goals and will enable you to tick off some of the top routes, and give you a full-on mountain experience. Rope work and route-finding will be in the hands of your instructor though he will be teaching basic techniques throughout the day. This is also the course for scrambling beginners If you want to arrange multi day scrambles your guide will take you on a different scramble each day (weather dependent), and at the end of the day, will make suggestions for the next day's outing.

Learn to Lead Scrambles 
This course is for those of you who want to learn more about the rope work and so forth to enable you to tackle graded scrambles on your own so there is more emphasis on instruction. You'll be undertaking the famous scrambles of the area organising your own protection and belays all under the beady eye of your instructor. 


Scrambling is that grey area between walking and climbing. Hands are used a lot but vertical sections are fairly short. A good head for heights is needed but hand and foot holds abound. Scrambling needs special skills and care, but is adventurous and exciting.

Scrambles are graded according to difficulty and the degree of exposure. You can learn the basic skills of route finding and hazard awareness that is all that's needed for easy scrambles. Or learn rope and belay techniques to help you tackle steeper sections on grade 3 outings.

Our Grade 1 & 2 Scrambles are suitable for newcomers, but also of a quality that will please those who've been before and feel comfortable at these grades.

Harder routes, Grades 2 and 3
are suitable for strong, more adventurous Scramblers, who want to experience situations up to the rock climbing "Moderate" grade.



Fitness and Experience 
Scrambling is not recommended for those new to mountain walking so we would advise some prior hill experience, a good head for heights and a reasonable level of fitness.

These routes do NOT require harnesses and climbing equipment – although a rope is carried for emergencies only. Helmets must be worn at all times when scrambling and can be hired for the duration of the courses if required.