GPS should never be used on its own in a mountain environment, but learning to use it along with other conventional navigational aids such as map and compass can help improve your safety in the mountains. This is not a basic navigation training course. If you join this course it is assumed that you can use a map and compass for basic navigation.


Wither you consider this an essential tool or trendy gimmick the GPS (Global Positioning System) has a real role to play in mountain navigation. GPS handsets are improving all the time but they can only ever be as good as the person whose hands they are in! Do you know how to use your GPS set…properly? Would you like to find out more?

This one day course is an easy-to-understand introduction to using GPS and digital maps. The day is a mixture of classroom activity and practical exercises using GPS with waypoints and routes downloaded from a digital map system.

Our courses will be based on the Garmin® GPS systems.

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