Level 1 Our starter course covers every aspect of basic navigation from symbols, scales, grid references and taking a variety of accurate bearings. Introducing the Concept of the three D's - Direction, Distance & Destination

Level 2 Advanced courses will include micro navigation, Route finding skills - using the natural land 'flow' - hazard awareness and avoidance strategies

Night Navigation Navigating in the hills in poor visibility is bad enough, but at night it's different again. This course will cover a range of valuable techniques appropriate for night time navigation and give you some added confidence. You'll get the most out of this course if you already feel confident about map reading in good conditions. Don't forget your head-torch and spare batteries!

Navigation Skills Refresher Day Suitable for anyone who has already done a navigation course and wants a refresher on key skills. Mountain Leader candidates who want to brush up prior to an assessment as well as any self taught navigators who want to develop their skills.


We believe that the most important skill for anyone venturing into the hills is Navigation. Many mountain rescue incidents are caused as a result of walkers becoming lost in poor visibility or darkness. Acquiring the skills to find your way about in these conditions is a rewarding experience. By developing a simple structured system it can be both quick and easy to learn how to confidently and safely navigate in the mountains.

Using a selection of map scales, the courses will place particular emphasis on map reading, setting your map, contour and symbol interpretation, taking and walking on compass bearings, estimating distance and time, relocation and how to apply these skills appropriately in difficult conditions.

Our Navigation Courses are on a modular basis and you can add on more days in order to learn more complicated navigation techniques.

The emphasis is on allowing you to do as much practical navigation as possible, building up your confidence and skills as the weekend progresses. You set your own pace and level.

The maximum ratio at any one time will be 1:6, and it will usually be lower than this, enabling us to give high levels of personal instruction. As you might hope these courses will run regardless of the weather.

Just email or call with your requirements. .